got tickets to see conor at the grammy museum


There’s too much caffeine in your bloodstream and a lack of real spice in your life.


Joyce Manor - “Falling In Love Again”

Thanks for showing me
Around last night
Hope you don’t think I don’t care
Because I do I just don’t know if
I should feel this bad about you
After finishing your birthday drugs
Look at a yearbook unprepared
And betray yourself to sleep it off.
Then come down to collect it

I think you’re funny
I like your friends
I like the way they treat you

I’ve got some money
That we could spend
Not that you’re like that

I’m falling in love again

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Resources for eating vegan on a budget!

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sam flies back to the east coast tomorrow morning so we spent the entire day in bed with the kitties watching the x-files on netflix

last brand new/joyce manor show tonight then back to LA